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Twist drill to promote industrial upgrading

Twist is the most industrial and civilian use drilling tools. Since the birth of twist, materials and technology continue to progress, to twist and other production enterprises, the design of more high-end products, is an effective means to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Social trends have prompted the development of intelligent life twist from the traditional areas of manufacturing production into intelligent being.
  Modern industrial processes widely used twist (commonly known as the drill), is a real complex shape of the workpiece processing tools, was born 100 years ago. Now, the various bits of the world's annual consumption of hundreds of millions. According to statistics, in the United States automobile manufacturing, machining hole-making process about 50% share; while in the aircraft industry, drilling step proportion is even higher. Although the drill so widely used, but one well known drilling is the most complex machining methods. Because of this, people have been working on an improved drill bit and drilling processes.
  European and Asian markets accounted for most of the global machine tool sales. China and India are in a leadership position in the global machine tool industry to promote the growth process. In terms of industries, metal-cutting machine tools is a major contributor to sales revenue. 2011 to 2016, special machinery is expected to reach an annual growth rate of 13.7%.