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Diamond glass bit

Name: Glass hole saw (diamond drill glass / tile hole saw)

Specifications: 30MM

Performance and advantages: Hole neat, smooth, no broken edges, no tremor phenomenon. Small incision resistance, improve the speed of opening.

Usage: thick glass, ceramics, tiles, marble \ granite and other hard and brittle materials

This product is to pay attention slowly, to keep the cooling water (do not need much, but to constantly add water) is best to use a drill with a governor so, you need to pay attention when using slower, especially is about to start wearing when the speed is slower, it can extend the service life of the product openings can be on glass, stone, tiles and other brittle materials drilling operations.

Glass drilling using procedure
1, the first inclined in (on glass or other hard and brittle materials) in a light tile surface grind marks, (in order to allow the drill bit has a focal point, and if the word may be directly run, it affects the appearance of)

2, glass drilling continues to put a little positive after rubbing slightly darker crescent bend marks

3, glass drilling being put back in their original speeds continue drilling until punctured (punctured in the coming time, according to the force to be small, too hard may glitches)

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